Standard Abdominoplasty

The standard abdominoplasty is performed when there is excess skin and fat both above and below the umbilicus. This procedure is often combined with liposuction in selected areas. Unlike the mini-abdominoplasty, this procedure can also improve the appearance of the upper abdomen. It can be thought of as a total abdominal rejuvenation where all areas of the abdomen are carefully assessed and a surgical plan is tailored specifically for each patient.

A standard abdominoplasty is performed under a light general anesthesia and lasts from 2 ½ to 4 hours. Although possible on an outpatient basis, most patients are monitored overnight in our clinic. Incisions are made around the umbilicus and in the lower abdominal area as outlined the illustration below. The skin and fat of the upper abdomen are then undermined up to the level of the rib cage in order to allow the maximum amount of tissue to be removed. Similar the mini-abdominoplasty, the underlying muscles are tightened if necessary. The amount of tissue to be removed is determined, a small drain is inserted and the incisions are then closed. A dressing and compression garment are then applied.

liposuctionThe incisions for standard-abdominplasty are placed very low on the abdomen and around the belly button. While the incision is longer than required for mini-abdominoplasty, it is also well hidden by clothing.  The shaded area illustrates where the tissue is undermined to allow the muscles to be tightened if necessary and the excess skin to be removed. This procedure is designed to rejuvenate the entire abdominal area.
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